A Challenge to the Meramec Association Part II

by Pastor Ben Kingston, Bethel Baptist Church • Lonedell, MO
In light of my last letter you may not want to hear from me again, but I hope this paper finds you doing well and enjoying the grace and ministry of our Lord.

I would like to continue the conversation that we began last month about greater involvement in the camp and allowing this to be a catalyst for revival among our churches. (As Bro. Jim pointed out last week, this letter is to our Meramec Association Churches regarding our Meramec Church Camp that will meet July 19-25, 2015.)

Specifically this month, I would like to talk about a greater awareness, understanding, and participation in our camp ministry as a whole. A point of frustration for some of our folks that have rented the camp is that when they get there it looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned in 3-4 months and ironically, that is exactly what has happened.
One of the funnier phrases and illustrations in my ministry has been: “what is everybody’s business is nobody’s business.” When somebody doesn’t do what is everybody’s job, nobody does it and when nobody does it, everybody gets upset. The reality is that a 5-person committee cannot keep a facility like this clean on a monthly basis and that camp (which has been discussed ad nauseum) does not belong to 5 men – it belongs to the association. Therefore, we are asking the association and the individual churches to get involved on a deeper level so that when someone does rent the facility it looks like someone has cleaned it because truly in fact someone has.

So, how do we make this happen? I want to broach the subject today of a liaison approach. I’m asking each Pastor to appoint a liaison to the camp. This person will meet with myself and/or the committee will get on the same page as to the direction we’re going and how we are going to get there, will exchange phone numbers, etc. This person will be the liaison between the camp and their church. When we have something we need the church to know, we will get the word out to the liaison. Likewise, when the church needs to get a message to the committee, they would do this through their liaison.

Case in point: the challenge I gave last month for each church to have a sign up sheet and encourage their membership to sign up for a particular night, or as many nights as they can come to worship services at church camp. The liaison would take charge of this list, keep it before the church and, if you will, lovingly hound folks to participate.

One of the things that I try to put in place as Pastor at Bethel is that when I ask you to do something, I’m not asking you to personally do it as much as I’m asking you to see that it gets done. So, if the liaison in your church never does the task themselves, but has that uncanny ability to get someone else to do it for them, that would be a perfect person. Or, if you have someone in your church who just cannot get enough of volunteering and they love to do everything themselves, this person would be a great liaison.
In the next month, I’m asking you, our churches, to please call me (636) 629-2526 with your questions and/or ideas of who would be a good liaison to the camp committee for your church. We will then set up training time, job description, etc.

Just to refresh the challenge from last week: Mikaela Sanders and I are challenging and asking anyone and everyone first and foremost to pray for revival to start in them. Then, if you have a physical need to get in shape, we are asking you to accept that challenge. One of the ways to motivate you to get in shape is to accept the challenge of running ‘The Beast’ obstacle course this year.

As I write this letter, I have taken a break and reviewed the video of myself running ‘The Beast’ last year and that me, being in questionable, I ran it in under 2 minutes. Our most in-shape young men and women run the course in just under a minute. So if you’re not in shape and want to take up this challenge, for your own health’s sake, get prepared! You probably know someone that has done a mud run or something along those lines. I certainly would not put this obstacle course on the same challenging level as those, but I guarantee you will fare better if you take this as a challenge and begin walking, weight training, watching food intake, losing some weight, and preparing on some level. The ultimate goal is to get our bodies to appear on the outside that we are taking very seriously the scripture 1 Corinthians 6:19 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

As I was watching this video of a 49 year old man doing something that he possibly shouldn’t do, what caught my eye was all the kids that were watching me. Adults, your kids, your grand kids, the kids in your church – they’re watching you and they need to. Let’s give them an example worth following. May the Lord richly bless you and your church. Please help us with Jesus Camp.

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