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October 2012 – Mission Director’s Report

This past month I was involved in a 3-day long assessment of 8 church planting candidates and their wives for the BMA of America. During the assessment weekend, the candidates are asked to share their vision, their plan for reaching the community, demonstrate an ability to teach God’s word, demonstrate evangelistic skills, and also speak to a counselor about the state of their marriage. The assessment team is made up of 8 or more individuals and the purpose of the assessment is to help each candidate to fulfill God’s calling in their lives. Recommendations always include further training and an assignment of a coach to help them to move forward. It has been shown that when a missionary candidate receives assessment, training, and assigned a coach, his success rate will increase from around 25% and up to 80%. As someone who has been involved in 5 different church plants, I can say it is a brighter day within the BMAA for those who want to plant a new church and desire help in doing so.

One of the candidates in the assessment weekend was John and Alisha Herring. Bro. John and Alisha have been on the pastoral staff for
10 years with the Oasis Church in Maumelle, AR. If the Lord wills, they have a desire to move to Missouri to plant a church near the Springfield area. God has blessed their prayers and already two families from Oasis Church are making plans to relocate with them to begin this new work. In the next few months the Herrings will be on deputation seeking financial support from churches and individuals. If your church has a desire to become personally involved in church planting and working with a great family, please consider helping the Herrings with your support.

What’s Up With The Walk for the World This Year?

• Lifeword has partnered with the technology company, FirstGiving, to make individual, online registrations and donations possible on our safe and secure website at Churches do not have to register with Lifeword now since individual registrations are possible. Individual registrations will automatically link you and your online donations to your church when you select your church on the registration page. If your church (team) is not listed, please give us a call at 1.800.543.1090, and we will add it to the website.
• If the technology option does not appeal to you please continue to raise money the way you always have in the past.
• By registering online and setting up your personal Walk page you have the opportunity to invite all of your social media contacts to make a donation to the Walk, and raise more money than you ever thought possible. All donors will automatically receive a tax receipt from FirstGiving for their records.
• Two churches have the opportunity to win Youth Room Makeovers. We hope this will be an added incentive for youth to register online and raise money. The makeover will be a great outreach tool for youth by giving them a nice place to invite friends and classmates to, and to get them involved in their church youth group program.
• All Walk details and materials are available for download at the above website address; however, if you would like to request colored posters or the Walk video on DVD, please give us a call or e-mail Diane Ward
• T-shirts are in house and ready to be shipped. The shirts are $12 again. The incremental shipping cost chart is listed on our website. You may order shirts online or by calling Lifeword at the number above.
• Our goal is $450,000! Won’t you help us raise money, which will allow us to reach out to more people around the world such as our African listener below who sent in this excerpt?


•“Muftao” is my name. I have followed your program for some time now and today I want to confess that I have been in church for a very long years and I have not call Christ into my life. This program have brought me to my knees and has made me to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and friend. I would have died and go to Hell but I am free. I have come to know the truth. Thank you preacher, God bless you.”

by Diane Ward • National “Walk” Coordinator

July Mission Director’s Report

Last month I had the privilege of traveling through the state of Missouri with John and Alisha Herring as they began the search for the next chapter of their life. They were searching for God’s place in Missouri where He wanted them to plant a church. We looked at the several cities and it seemed that God was drawing them to the city of Nixa, just south of Springfield. John and his family made a second trip to Nixa to confirm God’s will. The following is a blog that John posted:

We had the opportunity last week to drive back to southwest Missouri and look around the area. We drove throughseveral towns and spent most of our time in Nixa, MO. God has actually brought this city to our attention since we first started searching for direction. On our first trip through Missouri, this was also the city that stood out to us as a place withnot only a lot of potential, but a lot of need. When we returned this last week, God confirmed in our hearts that this is the place He would have us to be.

Based on the recent census, only 36% of the people in Nixa claim to be associated with any church. That leaves almost 2 out of every 3 people in desperate need of a Savior. The city has also grown by just over 60% in the past 10 years and is projected to see the population grow by another 15,000 people by the year 2025. This places Nixa as the 4th fastest growing city in the state of Missouri. Additionally, a study by the American City Business Journal in Buffalo, N.Y. shows Christian County (this is where Nixa is) as one of the top metropolitan counties in the country for growth potential.

Prayer Points

  • We would ask that you would continue to pray for us as we begin to put together a timeline to move to the field. There are manythings that will need to take place before we can go. We are praying that God would take care of all of the details for us.
  • Also, pray that God would raise up a team of people who would join us in the journey. We know that we can’t do it apart from God, but we also know that we can’t do it alone.
  • Pray that God would begin to open the doors to ministry partners and support for this mission.


I will be asking our Special Mission Committee to meet with Bro. Herring and interview him as a candidate for our state missions work. Please be in prayer for this process and the Herring family. I am excited that God has brought this young man and his family to our state. Let’s praise the Lord together!

God uses Lindsay Lane to bless McCurdy Elementary School

McCurdy Elementary SchoolOur church building sits on a busy road with an elementary school just a block away on the same street. Daily, during the school year, I can watch hundreds of kids walking on the sidewalk to the school in the morning and back home again in the afternoon. Over a decade ago, I got the bright ideal to send some of our church staff over to the school to pass out Vacation Bible School fliers to the students on the sidewalks. Noticing our activities, the school administrators told us to vacate the sidewalk and not to bother the students with our invitations on their way home. The school felt the need to protect the students from any unwanted solicitation. We were disappointed and confused. We had not approached the school again to serve them until this school year.

Last year, our church involved itself in LifeWay’s Transformational Church survey and an action plan discovery process. We realized that while we had great fellowship within our church, we were not investing in our community very well. We were failing to be the body of Christ to our neighbors and therefore were not impacting our community so that it would reflect the Kingdom of God. Change was necessary!

Part of our action plan for transformation was to go back to the elementary school across from our church and ask the administrators if we could “adopt them,” meaning…

1. We would pray for the teachers by name every day.

2. We would survey the teachers to find out what kind of school supplies that they needed in their classrooms. We filled every “wish list” presented to us.

3. We would celebrate the teachers’ birthdays and have a teachers appreciation day once a month.

4. We would help them in any school events (we have already sponsored Car shows, Spring Carnivals, and field trips).

5. We would help families in need within the school with food and clothing.

6. We would host a Back-to-School carnival to provide school supplies to families.

7. We would serve as mentor/tutors to children who needed some extra help in the class rooms.

Our list continues to grow. The school, the students, and the parents have been amazed that we would care for them. Why should the world that God loves, be surprised and amazed that a church would love on them? Our school had every right to be amazed… we had ignored them for years.

The other day, I went by the school and saw a message on their outside sign that brought tears to my eyes. Without fanfare, the school posted that they were thankful for all that we do for them.

The believers at Lindsay Lane Baptist realize that in comparison to what our Savior has done for us, we have done so little. God is the giver of all things! I am so glad that our “adoption” went through! McCurdy Elementary is God’s gift to us that we might demonstrate the love of Christ!